About Me

Creative Professional Photographer

I am a photographer based on the East Coast of Suffolk and have always had an interest in making, creating and exploring images. I have always been an artist and creator, working with all medias and textures. Mostly exploring with the rich, colourful and experimental.


In 2003, I started work at Sizewell A for Magnox Ltd and began work in the PR and Communications department which is where I first discovered the DSLR camera. While I had experienced image-making before, nothing had let me create like this before. It was instant gratification. No film, no mess, no fuss and if you made a mistake or if the image wasn’t quite right, you could rectify it within milliseconds. It was love at first click.


Over a decade on from there, following different projects, training, photographing everything from flask movements, kittiwakes, falcons, cheque presentations to snakes, and I left the nuclear industry after a healthy career and decided to take my passion to the next level. Having found that doing photography on the side was taking up too much of my time as a second job, I decided to take the plunge and leave Magnox to start my own business.


Let’s see where this path leads….