Applewood Hall alternative Norfolk and suffolk wedding photographer bride and groom

Kirsty & Matt

An Awesome Autumnal Norfolk Wedding

Applewood Hall - Saturday 5th October 2019

Kirsty and Matt got married at Norfolk wedding venue Applewood Hall, next to Banham Zoo. When I first met Kirsty and Matt it was at a wedding fair and something strangely beautiful happened. They came over, we talked, we instantly clicked. I knew as soon as I met them that we were the perfect fit for each other! I wasn’t wrong.

It was meant to be…

Kirsty and Matt got married on a beautiful Autumnal day surrounded by friends and family. Everything about the day was personal to them. It was perfectly quirky and showed both personalities. From the Harry Potter table centrepieces to the tiny rubber ducks and handmade chocolate duck chocolates, it was all about Kirsty and Matt. This was made even more special by the fact that Kirsty and Matt (but mainly Kirsty) had handmade or decorated everything you could see.

It’s EVERYTHING to be different.

The place names were ducks from Matt’s own collection of rubber ducks (it’s a thing apparently). The table centrepieces were handmade lamps made with Harry Potter figures (Kirsty’s love). All three of the wedding cakes were made by the talented bride-to-be and even the table plan was hand-written.

The day was full of love and laughter as friends and family filled the venue and its manicured gardens. The ceremony was beautiful with Matt’s SEVEN best men all standing next to him in support. The speeches were on point, references to the stag-do became reality when Baby Max (a teeny tiny baby figurine named after their son) was dropped by Kirsty into Matt’s pint. It meant he had to down it in one (stag-do rules) and he didn’t let us down.

There was a donut wall, a kids’ corner, THE most beautiful afternoon tea (OMG the CAKES <3) – oh, and a human pyramid. It really was, the most awesome day.

Applewood Hall alternative Norfolk and suffolk wedding photographer bride and groom

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newlyweds bride and groom Norfolk wedding

Katie & Tristan

I knew the very first time I met this couple that their day would be totally chilled out and heaps of fun. The perfect Norfolk wedding…

The Wedding Venue

Katie & Tristan had a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Mary & Margaret’s Church in Sprowston. Dean, the Vicar at this beautiful little church, was so laid back and accommodating, I felt at home as soon as I arrived. I totally see why they chose this place to tie the knot. I met Tristan and the boys outside the church where they were in great spirits, taking the mickey out of each other and mocking each others socks. This was especially funny because they were all wearing the same socks! Before long, a steady line of friends and family began to arrive and a beautiful buzz filled the air.

The Ceremony

Katie arrived at the church in a gorgeous vintage car along with her father Bob. Almost as if the heavens had waited, the rain began as they entered the church and stopped when they left. This was especially incredible as the sun broke out and made way for a beautiful afternoon.

The Reception Venue

Katie & Tristan chose Sprowston Manor to have their gathering and arrived in style in their vintage car. They had laid out some golf games for their guests and the atmosphere was vibrant and full of laughter.

I’m so honoured to have been made a part of this special day and thank Katie & Tristan for choosing me to immortalise it for them.

Here’s a little sneak peek of how the day went:

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signing the register Woodhall Manor Suffolk

Simon & Liz

Woodhall Manor, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Saturday 6 July 2019

The Venue…

Liz & Simon had their special day at Suffolk wedding venue Woodhall Manor, a beautiful, Elizabethan country house. The day was chilled and relaxed and full of love and laughter. Various members of the family milled about as we arrived and Grandma greeted me to show me the cake she had made. Uncle Richard proudly pointed out that the cake decorations were not real flowers but in fact intricate icing decorations. Even the peg people cake toppers why made by the couple’s friend at Gabe & Penny. The atmosphere was full of love and we instantly knew it would be a brilliant day.

The Details…

This wedding was planned so carefully and with so much love, that Liz & Simon were in everything you looked at. Liz handmade a lot of the decorations herself  so there was so much detail in everything. The table plan was a sparkling, silver picture of the UK. Each table was a location that meant something to them and the table numbers were collages of memories from that place. Liz’s wedding shoes were hand adorned with sparkles and gems by Liz herself, only the night before the wedding. Even the wedding favours were handmade jars of jam, made by Liz’s Uncle Richard. The dress was from Bridal Elegance in Eccles and the flowers were provided by Jade’s Flowers in Colchester.

The Ceremony…

The ceremony room was beautifully decorated and looked almost ethereal with the pastel flowers, the arch and all the twinkly lights. Liz was walked down the aisle by both her Dads. Simon’s nervous demeanour quickly gave way to joy when he saw his bride. It really was a beautiful ceremony.

The Speeches…

The dining hall was even more magical than the ceremony hall thanks to Liz and Simon’s attention to detail. The floral arrangements were beautiful and there were even more twinkly lights (my favourite)! Speeches were made by Liz’s Dad, Simon and Simons two best friends. Simon got away lucky with only a few references made to his near miss the week before. He had been hit by an F1 car while out working in Italy on the tracks. (This is TRUE – Simon is an F1 engineer and was out on the tracks in Italy when it happened. He’s one VERY lucky man)!

The speeches gave way to a special little treat organised for Simon by Liz. A singer/songwriter called Jamie who wrote a song just for them. It even featured their beloved cat and a last minute amendment to include the F1 incident.

The Reception…

The evening was so much fun! There was a magician, Jamie did a little starter set and the whole thing was rounded off by a DJ and a lot of incredible shape throwing.

All in all, the whole day was absolutely brilliant and I am so happy to have been made a part of it. Simon & Liz – you guys rock – how long can I string this out and get you back to see me?!!!


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first dance Woodhall Manor Suffolk

bride and groom leaning on luxury yacht wedding in Southwold river and harbour

Emma & Mike

Emma & Mike

Saturday 25th May 2019

bride and groom on a beautiful beach in the UK England, bride is laughing and has curly thick hair, groom is in blue suit

The Perfect Suffolk Wedding

This Suffolk wedding was so full of joy, laughter and emotion I could barely contain myself. I laughed and cried along with Emma & Mike through the ceremony and danced alongside them at the reception. From our first consultation, they told me they wanted a candid, relaxed wedding day and they requested their photography to match that.

wedding family piggyback racing

The details…

From the handpainted invitations featuring their very own fur baby to the miniature bottles of gin as favours, everything was so well thought out. The flowers were provided by the incredibly talented Lizzie Woolnough of The Southwold Wedding Co. and included Emma’s gorgeous floral crown. Emma also wore an incredible set from The Amber Shop in Southwold; an octopus necklace and ring. Both had an amber stone and were set in sterling silver. A beautiful gift from her future husband on the morning of their special day. The details were a true reflection of who Emma & Mike are because they wanted to be sure that the day was real. Nothing about this wedding was going to be traditional or anything that they didn’t want and I love them for that.

The venues…

The wedding ceremony was at The Swan Hotel in Southwold. Having recently been refurbished and updated, it’s new quirky take on decadence was the perfect place for Emma and Mike to get hitched. I still wonder whether their colour theme only matched with the decor by coincidence…

Afterwards, Emma and Mike had asked me to take a quick photo of them in The Nelson Pub before taking a couple on the beach. I don’t think I’ve ever turned down an invitation to the pub, so I was more than happy to oblige!

Once we’d had a little galavant by the sea, we took a trip down to the harbour where the happy couple had decked out the Southwold Sailing Club for the after party.

The food…

I feel like this needs its own section. The food was very simple. There were a few nibbles and bits out on a table in the club but most notably, they had a fish and chip trailer to cater for all their guests. Simple idea right? But OMG; it was the best idea EVER. Who doesn’t like fish and chips?! With a couple of vegetarian options too, this went down a storm among the guests.

beautiful wedding cake watercolour icing buttercream flowers blue pink and green

The cake…

I don’t feel like I can do this justice. Over the years I have photographed and tasted a LOT of wedding cakes but this one was really something. It was less a cake, and more a work of art. A watercolour, floral inspired piece of perfection not only incredible to look at, but also the most beautiful lemon sponge cake I have ever had the pleasure of scoffing. Made by the beautiful Beth Haxby Cakes.

The entertainment…

The entertainment was provided by some of the best local talent. Blues and skiffle band Owl & Wolves started the evening vibe with a perfectly unique, upbeat and stomping performance. Then Vix & The Kicks took over the proceedings and saw the evening into the night with their vibrant and energetic covers.

In a nutshell, this wedding really was one of the most unique, fun and genuinely beautiful days I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. It was such an honour to be part of it.

Here is a snippet of how that day went (music by Owl & Wolves). (Can we please do it all again?).

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5 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding

Beautiful bride facing camera with groom kissing temple.

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

Why should you hire a professional photographer for your wedding? Over the years I have had so many people tell me that they wished they had hired a professional photographer for their wedding. These people had relied on friends with ‘really good cameras’.  This, or they got in people they knew who were hobbyists and regretted their choice. Over those same years, I have also had so many people enquire about my packages only to then tell me that they now have [insert friend/relative/co-worker’s name here] because they have a ‘really good camera’, ‘do it on the side’ and will do it for cheap/free. It always makes my stomach twist when I hear this. It rarely ends well. I spoke to one woman who was so upset with the terrible quality of her wedding photos that she begged me to try and edit them to make them better. I wish I could have helped her, but nothing could be done with the dark, noisy, blurry mess that she presented me with.

Following that conversation (and many other similar ones) I decided that I needed to blog about this worrying misconception. Good cameras do not necessarily mean incredible photos. If you are considering your wedding budget and don’t know whether you want to hire a professional photographer or not, please read on. Ultimately it is completely up to you of course, and some of you may be thinking ‘of course she will say these things, she’s a photographer!” But let me lay it all out for you and then make your decision. It causes me SO much pain to hear newlyweds tell me that they wish they’d hired a pro AFTER the damage is done. Please don’t make the same mistake!

1. An expensive camera does not produce great photography on its own.

In the same way a singer uses their voice, a carpenter uses a hammer and an artist uses a brush, photographers use a camera. All of these things are simply tools that have been used with skill and and precision to produce amazing results.
If you decided to have a bridal gown made for you, would you ask your Auntie to hash one together because they have a “really good sewing machine”? Probably not. More likely you would do your research and find a professional seamstress who consistently produces gown after stunning gown.
You will want to make sure the most important day of your life is captured in its entirety and in a truly beautiful way. After all, once the day is over, the years have passed and the memories start to fade, what else will you have to remind you of your special day?

2. An amateur means that you will have more to worry about on the day.

Professional photographers have years of experience capturing weddings. They will know how to capture your day in the most meaningful yet efficient way possible. Most professionals visit your venue if they haven’t already photographed in it. This means that they have already scoped out the best backdrops, nooks and crannies to take some beautiful pictures against. No time will be wasted traipsing you around in search of these on the day. Not only this, but they will know how to get the most natural smiles from you and your guests and how to capture every moment of intimate detail without getting in the way or disrupting your itinerary.

3. Feeling at ease.

Every wedding is a mixture of both natural and candid moments with some posed elements too. A good photographer will know when to step back and capture the moment and when to give a little direction to you or your guests. They will be be able to read the day as it flows and react in a timely manner when the day throws new opportunities or even obstacles their way. This is so important because you will not get a chance to go again if you miss a moment. Your friend or amateur may not have the experience to do this and could potentially miss vital moments as they happen.

4. Plan B?!

So let’s ask the big, scary questions shall we? What happens if the photographer falls ill, or their equipment fails, or the weather is horrendous? Well, the worst case scenario is that you end up with no photos at all. NOT okay, right? A professional photographer will always have a Plan B. They will have contacts, other professional photographers, who will be able to stand in at a moment’s notice. Professionals will always have backup cameras, lenses, cards, lighting equipment and ALL the gear. And finally, a professional will have a plan for ALL kinds of weather too. Rain is not the end of the world! They will also be insured.

5. You only get ONE chance!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Make sure that you have someone you trust to capture it as honestly and beautifully as possible. Don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress in the long run by getting a mate in to do it for free. Make sure that when the memories start to fade, you have something beautiful to go back to for years to come. A beautiful wedding album makes a wonderful heirloom which can be handed down to your kids and grandkids to remind yourselves of your most special day.

In A Nutshell

There are plenty of places you can cut costs for your big day. Do your guests all need designer keyrings as favours? Could they do with something a little less extravagant, or even nothing at all? Your cake doesn’t have cost thousands either, after all, it will be gone in minutes. Once all of this has gone, you will probably forget about those tiny details. Spend the money where it counts.


Still not sure? Read this cautionary tale before you make your decision. Still not sure? Try this one instead.

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Katie & James

Saturday 26th January 2019 - St. Peter's Brewery

Katie and James are two of the most beautiful people I have ever met, not only that, but they are my friends. I was lucky enough to be asked to capture their special day for them and I am so happy that I got the opportunity.

Getting ready…

Katie and her bridesmaids got ready at home and Katie had her make-up done by her niece, up-and-coming make-up artist, Aimee Gibbs. Mum made bacon sarnies for everyone (once Katie’s brother got to grips with the new grill), and the vibe was chilled and relaxed. Katie and James’ daughter Eloise spent the morning excitedly showing me her ‘wedding dress’ and swishing and twirling in it until she was dizzy.

The venue…

The ceremony took place at St. Peter’s Brewery in Bungay, an incredible building that dates back as far as 1280 and was extended in 1539 using ‘architectural salvage’ from Flixton Priory. Not only that, but they also brew incredible beer.

The place was absolutely perfect, from the dark wood panelling, to the giant fireplaces and the London style pub. Katie and James had a small reveal prior to the ceremony where James saw that Katie was actually wearing a proper wedding dress, something that was not at all planned and of which James had no idea. It got emotional.

The ceremony…

Katie was given away by her father in the ceremony room and the rings were delivered by their son Jensen. Katie’s bridesmaids consisted of her nieces Aimee and Poppy, sister Susie, best friend Jenna and daughter, Eloise.

All in all, the day was incredible. The laughter, the tears, the absolute joy of it all was just amazing to be part of. Plus, the gargantuan pork pie and cheese wheel wedding cake was possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

Mr & Mrs Anderson-Cousins; you guys rock.

A beautiful wedding couple get married at rustic venue Wantisden Valley, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Alisha & Jamie

Saturday 18 August 2018

Alisha and Jamie got married at Wantisden Valley in Woodbridge, one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. I spoke with Alisha about their incredible day and this is what she had to say…

The engagement…

Our proposal took place while we were on holiday in Florida. On our last day at Disney World, Jamie asked me to marry him outside the castle.

The dress…

The dress was picked on the first shopping trip. After going to a couple of shops and trying on quite a few, I didn’t think I was going to find one, however the shop assistant had found one – the last one to try on – and amazingly, the dress was called ‘Jamie’. It was absolutely perfect.

The venue…

We originally thought about getting married abroad, however we decided that we wanted all of our family and friends to attend so agreed that we would look for a converted barn and found Wantisden Valley, which was perfect.

The decor…

We wanted a vintage style theme with pastel colours, lots of lace and hessian. It was a style that we had our heart set on from the start.

The bridesmaids…

The bridesmaids wore a light, pastel mint green colour with lace detailing. Three wore long dresses and the other three wore short ones in comparison.

The groomsmen…

Jamie wore his military uniform for the ceremony and then changed to match the groomsmen who were in grey tweed suits.

The flowers…

A mix of pastel colours which was in keeping with our theme.

The cake…

We had a semi-naked, five tier cake with a flower arrangement on the middle tier that matched the bridal flowers.

This day is still one of my absolute favourite weddings! For the couple, the venue, the guests… every little detail worked effortlessly together to make it the perfect day.

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