I'm Qualified with The Guild!

Yesterday I was informed that I am now a Qualified member  of  The Guild of Professional Photographers.

As a wedding and family photographer, there is no greater honour than to be recognised by my peers and I am so happy to receive this news!

There was no way that I could submit a panel of images to show my work for both weddings and children’s portraits at the same time. The two are SO different. So I was informed that I had to submit not one, but two separate panels for judging.

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What does it mean to have “Qualified Status”?

The Guild’s ‘Qualified’ status is aligned to standards of competence that reflect a level where the customer should be delighted with the quality they receive, when employing the services of a skilled photographer. In other words ‘Qualified’ indicates professional ‘competence’.  It’s a level where the Guild is willing to recognise the photographer as an ambassador of the association. Those who achieve this should be proud.

And I really am.

Submitting a panel (let alone two), is a nerve-wracking task and requires a certain dedication to improve. It also requires the willingness to hear sometimes difficult but necessary critique in order to improve your work.

What does it involve?

I had to submit a total of 21 images per panel (so 42 in total for me) taken in the past 2 years and relevant to the area(s) I wanted qualification in.

All the submitted images had to be what I had taken for customers and I also had to provide proof of my Public Liability and Professional Insurance Certificates.

The images had to be presented digitally and I had to write a short purposeful brief for each panel.

The judging process involves three judges assessing each panel.

What does being a Qualified member of The Guild mean for me and my clients?

In a nutshell, this means that I am continuously striving to be my best for my clients and also for myself. I’m a perfectionist at heart, so having a structured assessment process like this is perfect for me. It means I can focus on improving my skills which in turn means a better product for my clients.

Not only that, but being part of The Guild is like being part of an extended family for me. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive and it really does help to have this kind of support when you are trying to better yourself.

I’m already planning to apply for the Craftsman level which is the next level up!

Wish me luck!

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